Monday, June 28, 2010

The Falsies Mascara. maybelline

my thoughts on this mascara that everybody is raving about. :)
i have been using this mascara for only a week but so far i DO NOT like it.
i maybe the only person not liking it at the moment, or maybe its because i have only been using it for a week but i well continue using it for the rest of the month and see how it goes.
I curl my lashes before i put mascara on them. when applying this mascara my lashes fall straight down, i think the formula weighs them down alot. i let them dry for over 10 minutes and then curl them again and every time i look in the mirror not even 20 mins later they are sticking straight forward again. i am not sure if they have a waterproof version yet but if they do maybe that formulation would hold a curl better for my lashes.
As for the wand it is unique and i kind of do like the shape of it it coats the lashes really well and when held flat its great for getting the lower lashes.