Thursday, April 30, 2009

Project 10 pan

ok ladies, so i have to start off by saying that i have spent way too much money on makeup this past month. like seriously every time i see a sale going on i have to buy something and i love make up dont get me wrong but i have so much right now. so i am going to be joining a few of the ladies i watch on youtube do the Project 10 pan. which is where you dont buy anymore make up until you have hit pan on it or can see thru the bottom cuz i no i have so much makeup that i love but have abandoned cuz i wanted to buy the lastest and stylish makeup out now... so i will have one more haul blog cuz i ordered make up from coastal scents last week then i will, maybe put pictures up everyday or so, on the looks ive done or something i dont know. give me ideas if you want to know more about me or have me put pictures up or start videos or what ever i have tried to do some but was always to scared to put them on youtube . well thats it and if you want to join the project 10 pan to join up by not spending money we dont need to lol thank you for reading and have a good night

Saturday, April 25, 2009

please help!!!

ok so i have been trying to write people back since i started the whole blog thing but cant figure it out. i dont want ppl to think i ignore them and stuff please help lol.

the twilight saga

ok girls, if you have not jumped on the banwagon i dont know what ya'll are thinking. I am so addicted to the twilight saga. ok so when the movie came out last year i was not interested in in AT ALL. I was aggervated cuz everyone was talking about it all the time. so annoying. but i went home on vacation and me and my lil sister was looking up stuff on youtube and she asked if i seen the movie. I was like NOOO lol but she was so excited to show it to me that i was like what the heck we had free time y not. so yes we watched the whole movie on you tube 10 minute videos at a time the 1st video we watched i was hooked. lol what a dork lol. so we watched the movie, and the movie was releasing on DVD 2 weeks after we watched it on you tube and i went and bought it the day it came out. now i have watched it about 4 times and it never gets old. I have read New Moon and i am on Eclispe right now. I can not stop reading it or think about it its insain. how can a book do this to me i hated reading like seriously hated it until i started reading New Moon. now i have went out and bout 3 more books; Breaking dawn (of course) Wuthering Height, and Marked. i am so excited to start reading more. anyways. yeah i just had to vent lol. GO OUT AND READ THEM LADIES!!!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

urban decay

omg i am so excited i ordered my urban decay stuff friday and its here already i was walkin my dog going to check the mail box and there was a pink slip saying i have a package in the office and i went in well my dog went in and was running around and tried to stay outside but penny was running all around. but yeah i got my order and i will post the picks up soon thats all so happy to great suprise's in one day. yayyy

ok so here is what i got

Revlon Haul

ok ladies, so i just went to Walgreens and they are having BOGO FREE on all Revlon products. Wahoo. i have been waiting for this. Even though my husband told me i couldnt buy any more make up til next month he let me neways (yes) ^_^ here is what i got

Revlon moisture cream

Revlon colorstay foundation in warm golden & true beige

Revlon press powder in medium

soo guess how much i spent..........ok here it goes $37.55 i saved $25.98. i am soo happy i cant believe how good of deal the whole BOGO FREE thing is oh and i also got $3 off because i bought this shaving cream. when you buy it. walgreens prints out a coupon for $2.99 which is what it cost so pretty much you get it free. SO EVERYONE NEEDS TO GO TO WALGREEN LOL
thanks for stopping by have a great day

Monday, April 13, 2009

Stuff I bought today

I went shopping at: Big lots, Ross and Dollar tree and picked up a few things. im so excited.

la cross tweezers $3.00 bag with empty bottles $5.99 art deco nail polish $1.00 each revlon blush $3.00
physicians formula $4.00

Saturday, April 11, 2009


i got my mirror at the bx on base. i went to walmart and bought one and when i got home and opened it it was smaller than my hand lol so i took it back and went onbase. i seen some at target but man they were like 44 bucks and i dont have that kinda money lol.

setting up my makeup room

my hubby and i just moved into our apartment 11 days ago and we are finally getting settled in and getting our rooms situated so i took a few pics of the setting up process so far, its a lil messy and not everything is set up and in their placed but this is just a start.


Friday, April 10, 2009

my thoughts on Boi-ing

guess what.....i love it. i didnt know if i really liked it the first time because it showed lines and stuff, but after watching some reviews on youtube i warming it between my fingers before i applied it and i worked great so i def. recommend it!! wahoo get it at sephora for $18.

Thursday, April 9, 2009


So my husband and i went to the mall yesterday and i let him look in all the stores he wanted to so by the time we get around to sephora he would let me go in (haha) we went into sam goody and he found a cd he wanted "Rise Against" when we went up to pay i reminded him bout his gift card. he got it when he joined there club or what ever and guess what the cd was free and the lady gave him .40 cents. like for real she paid him to buy the cd. we laughed.
newho, so i went into sephora and i have been wanting benefit's boi-ing for quit some time now so i got it. wahoo $18 im so excited to use it.

China Glaze nail polish

So sally's is having a sale buy 2 get the 3rd free so i had to go and get a few colors. I got For Audrey, Solar Power, and the base coat. I LOVE THESE NAIL POLISHES. now i have six those three and Spontaneous, Shower Together , and Liquid Leather