Saturday, April 25, 2009

the twilight saga

ok girls, if you have not jumped on the banwagon i dont know what ya'll are thinking. I am so addicted to the twilight saga. ok so when the movie came out last year i was not interested in in AT ALL. I was aggervated cuz everyone was talking about it all the time. so annoying. but i went home on vacation and me and my lil sister was looking up stuff on youtube and she asked if i seen the movie. I was like NOOO lol but she was so excited to show it to me that i was like what the heck we had free time y not. so yes we watched the whole movie on you tube 10 minute videos at a time the 1st video we watched i was hooked. lol what a dork lol. so we watched the movie, and the movie was releasing on DVD 2 weeks after we watched it on you tube and i went and bought it the day it came out. now i have watched it about 4 times and it never gets old. I have read New Moon and i am on Eclispe right now. I can not stop reading it or think about it its insain. how can a book do this to me i hated reading like seriously hated it until i started reading New Moon. now i have went out and bout 3 more books; Breaking dawn (of course) Wuthering Height, and Marked. i am so excited to start reading more. anyways. yeah i just had to vent lol. GO OUT AND READ THEM LADIES!!!


  1. haha i was in the same boat as you! i was like yehh whatever friggin twilight my were bored n watched it n agen n agen n agen n agen hahaha n it just goes onn :P all the books are brillio :) and when i finish one that day i hada go out that day and get the next !:|
    annd oo what is wuthering height and marked about? xoxox

  2. It's completley addictive huh! My friend read all of the books straight when they all came out, I don't think she slept for days lol I remember thinking are you insane??? How can a book be THAT good! And yet, it is!!!!! Can't wait for the 2nd movie too!