Monday, July 27, 2009

Makeup Alley

I have been swapping on MakeupAlley for about 2 months now and it has been going pretty well. i have added alot of different things to my makeup collection. it is a pretty fun site to be on. you get to communicate with lots of people about pretty much anything. it is a cool site and every girl should check it out.

Monday, July 6, 2009

REVIEW: Revlon Matte eyeshadow in "Vintage Lace"

This is a light off-white/cream colored matte shade. great for highlighting the brow bone inner tear duct. i personally use it on my lid and brow bone. this eyeshadow is great for hazel eyes when i wear it my husband always tells me my eyes are standing out. so i recommend this eyeshadow. i pat the eyeshadow on in stead of swiping it, for me it packs more on if you pat it. onto you eyelid. i give this product 5 stars! its great to me. i have also heard it is a dupe for MAC'S SHROOM.

REVIEW: Rimmel Glam'eyes lash flirt in Black

i bought this mascara because everyone on you tube was raving about it, and at walgreens rimmel was on sale BOGO free so i was like hey why not. so i opened it and used it the next day. and I didn't not like it, it did not give me what i normally like which is thickness, volume and curl. so i went over my lashes with Clinique high impast curling mascara. (which i LOVE) and was fine with it.

ok so today when i put on my eyeshadow eyeliner and everything it was the the mascara i seen first so i used it after i curled my lashes and it was like a complete 180 from the first time i used it. my lashes have volume it went on so easy and the curl stayed all day it has been about 6 hours since i put it on and they are still curled. this mascara is fabulous. they is NO flaking under my eyes after all this time. so i DO recommed this mascara if you are looking for volume and lift.

i have it in 001 black.

updated make up room

ok so the first time i took pics of my makeup room i was just starting out getting all my stuff organized. now that it has been a couple months i am getting settled into my room and organization is so much better. even tho i want to do stuff way different. but as of now i am still in love with pink, hello kitty and now zebra print. i absolutely love it. lol i am such a dork. but yeah i didnt not just spend hundreds of dollars on make up. I have accumilated it over my teen age and young adult years. Recently i have organized it and realized wow that is alot. so i am seriously going on a stike of buying stuff "just because" unless i absolutly love it and it is never gonna be here again then i will get it but as of now i am VERY HAPPY with what i have. Ok so here are the pics.


wow I know i haven't updated my blog in forever, i have been super busy. but i am going to start posting more blogs. i have lots new idea's and some review and stuff coming up so i hope yall ladies enjoy. have a great day.