Sunday, October 27, 2013

free crochet toddler beanie/hat

Crochet Hat 3 years old
double crochet
hook H/8 5.00mm
3 years
6 inches brim 15cm
7 inches top to bottom.

START with magic Circle
chain 2
1. 12 DC join at top of 1st DC (12)
2. 2 DC in each DC (24)
3. 2 DC 1 DC in next ~repeat (36)
4. 2 DC 1 DC in next 2 ~repeat (48)
5. 2 DC 1 DC in next 3 (60)
6-13. 1 DC in each DC (60)
14. 1 hdd around (60)

I have been crochet hats consistently since December 2012.
However I learned from my Grandmother at 12-13 years old.
It is a passion. I Have used so many other peoples free patterns but i have always forgot or couldnt get the measurements right so i made what fits for this age :D

Thursday, September 26, 2013


Does it work or doesn't it. Many people want to know. So lets tell you my experience and why I choose to finally buy this product.

April 20th 2013 i had permanent lashes extension put on. I absolutely loved them for a couple weeks until i got a stye on my right eye (which hurt like heck) and i had to remove them. Well as i removed them with baby oil and MAC oil based makeup remover pretty much all my existing lashes went with the fake ones. It was terrible. i liked my lashes before i ever did that, they were normal length and any waterproof mascara left them curled and pretty. So of course i was terrified when i no longer had but a few lashes on each eyelid. So...I learned all about temporary false lashes that i glued on my self. I got pretty awesome at it and wore them everyday for months til the end of July. My husband came home from deployment and i was dolled up everyday for him for a few weeks but i didn't have much time to apply false lashes when we just wanted to go out spur of the moment so i decided i needed to do something.

I ordered Rapid lash from Amazon and got my package a week later and started applying it that night. I used it every night for 4 weeks straight and i was shocked at how quick my results came. i had stubble's all on my lash line after 2 weeks and by week 4 i had lashes just as long as my lashes were prior to having the extensions put on. It was amazing, however they are stick straight no curl at all. Just like my lashes before were, it dont discourage me one bit. I started using Rapid lash every other night because being a glasses wearer every time i blinked my lashes would brush my lenses (hehe) which did tickle me because i thought my lashes were ruined forever lol.

I haven't used the product for about a week, but i just got my contact prescription so of course i started back up tonight. :D I can not wait to see how much longer they can get with the rest of the tube.

So if you ask me "Should i buy it?" i say "heck yeah". It is defiantly worth the money. Lashes are very important and why not invest in Rapid lash? If you are willing to buy mascara you should be willing to buy this. just saying :D I will post pictures of my lashes As they are now and the after when the tube is finished.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

It has been awhile.....

I havent written on my blog since 2010 which is crazy to me. I feel like it was a month ago or something. I didnt write many post back then either but anywhoozle, I will be doing reviews again I have tons of products I have tried out in the past few years that I love & hate.