Monday, July 6, 2009

REVIEW: Rimmel Glam'eyes lash flirt in Black

i bought this mascara because everyone on you tube was raving about it, and at walgreens rimmel was on sale BOGO free so i was like hey why not. so i opened it and used it the next day. and I didn't not like it, it did not give me what i normally like which is thickness, volume and curl. so i went over my lashes with Clinique high impast curling mascara. (which i LOVE) and was fine with it.

ok so today when i put on my eyeshadow eyeliner and everything it was the the mascara i seen first so i used it after i curled my lashes and it was like a complete 180 from the first time i used it. my lashes have volume it went on so easy and the curl stayed all day it has been about 6 hours since i put it on and they are still curled. this mascara is fabulous. they is NO flaking under my eyes after all this time. so i DO recommed this mascara if you are looking for volume and lift.

i have it in 001 black.

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