Saturday, May 16, 2009

makeup alley

im on makeup alley now i want to start swapping..just had my first bad experience, i believe someone was trying to take advantage of me but hey i expected it. neways. my swap name (if thats what it is called) ^_^ is hazeleyes62387.


  1. love Makeupalley!! Just be careful! what happened?
    Loving your blog! come stop by my mine and have a look around.
    Hope to see you around there soon!
    x Belle

  2. some just tried to get all my products for drugstore stuff and then she told me i should give here more cuz it wasnt fair. i was like its on fair alright but for me not you! but yeah oh well stuff happens thanks for joining my blog

  3. We should do a swap :)
    My makeupalley user is xbrunettebarbie but I hardly update my list. I can get lots of things from AUS.