Friday, February 27, 2015

Things running through my mind!

I wish I could lose this weight
I go to the gym to get fit and lose the extra pounds
nothing comes off
Yes I know I'm 25 pounds overweight
it sucks 
This weight doesn't define me
Weight isn't everything
Wish people would get that through their heads. 
At least I'm trying. 
One step at a time 
I am beautiful  
I eat candy 
It's my weakness
Can't change overnight 
It takes time
Need more support 
I am good enough 
Life is tough 
Wish I could go away and find myself
Back up give me 50 feet
People mistake my kindness for weakness 
Yes I am a Christian.
I am not perfect!
We are all human.
strongly dislike being lied too.
I am happy to be oblivious at times.
Hate when my blood boils 
I don't like being this kind of person
dishonest people are lame.
grow up.
Rather be a loner than have judgemental people in my life 
Who has time for that
All love no hate 
If only that could really happen in this day and age. 
Judgemental people suck. 
You don't know my story.
I'm a listener not a talker
Everyday battles. 
Sometimes wish someone would listen. 

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